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I have to write away from home because it's too noisy and horrible in my mother's house. So I go to cafés and sometimes treat myself to the Rose Room at the NYPL on 5th Ave, which is heaven. I also write at work (a print shop in the East Village) when it's not busy. And sometimes I write at Penn Station when I miss the train and find a spot at one of the tables in the ticketed waiting room. Anywhere not home!

Hoping you're holding up, and thinking of you. xoxc

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Thanks so much, Carolita! I can get this for sure. Ah, the Rose Room, lovely. Penn Station can be interesting too. It makes me think of the movie The Major General (starring Ginger Rogers, not dancing), although I know Penn was fancier then. And I'm not sure whether the station in the movie was supposed to be Grand Central. All Hollywood sound set, of course. Btw, let me know if you ever want a postcard : ).

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